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You have discovered our secret browser page. This is the place where we tell you which browser to use if you want to see the fonts and images the way the designer intended.

If you want to be sure you see the page correctly, use a browser with good support for the web standards (HTML, CSS, PNG) as defined by the W3C consortium. The most recent versions of Firefox or Safari would be best, but Opera is a reasonable candidate as well.

If you use Internet Explorer, please, please at least make sure you use version 7 or higher.

(Geeknote: this site depends on 8-bit alpha transparancy in PNG images, which Internet Explorer has never done really well. Also, we use the @font-face rule to show special typefaces [Sorts Mill Goudy, Goudy Bookletter and Fontin], for which IE offers only limited support. We hope to be able to work around these limitations in a coming site update.)